Tekstwissel brochure

Tekstwissel brochure

Een technische productcatalogus betreffende vloeistofbehandelingssystemen en -componenten, vertaald in acht verschillende talen.

Branche: Productassemblage, automotive, consumentenelektronica, medisch, sportartikelen.

Werkzaamheden: Tekstwissel brochure.
Implementeren van de vertalingen in het InDesign bronbestand (taalwissel).

Testimonial: “Over many years of working together, Bonte Graphics has provided a highly effective and reliable support for the implementation of translations into our sales literature, enabling us to focus on the creation of new materials. We consider Bonte Graphics to be an extended member of our graphical design team, consistently achieving excellent results and delivering to our expectations. Bonte Graphics have been instrumental in helping us implement cyrillic-based languages which helped us grow sales in developing markets.”


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